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VA Awards TGTG VHIE Health Exchange and Direct Secure Messaging Deployment Support

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Image from the Department of Veterans Affairs

The Veterans Affairs has awarded The Green Technology Group, LLC. (TGTG) an $8.3M, 3 year contract to support the deployment and implementation of Veterans Health Information Exchange (VHIE) and Direct Secure Messaging nationwide. This program allows VA, participating Community Care Providers, and Veterans to securely share certain health information from a Veteran’s health record electronically.

With the implementation of the MISSION Act, the importance of VHIE adoption and acceptance by all participants in a Veteran’s healthcare will dramatically increase. The MISSION Act legislation affords Veterans increased opportunities to obtain healthcare from non-VA Community Care Providers, increasing the need for robust provider-to-provider, Veteran-to-VA provider, VA to non-VA provider, and non-VA provider to Veteran communication and collaboration. The MISSION Act further expands Community Care Networks (CCNs) and a Veteran’s ability to receive Urgent Care services. As the VA’s Third-Party Administrators (TPAs) build these external networks the prominence and importance of EHR information will only expand.

"TGTG is thrilled to receive this award to support the Veterans Health Information Exchange program and increase the third party medical professionals support for our nations service men and women.” said Darryl Green, Chief Executive Officer of TGTG.


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