VISN Coordinator and Performance Reporting/Analytics VISN 4 (PA)

Position Description


As a TGTG Veteran Health Information Exchange Community Coordinators you will be assigned a specific Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN) region, which includes VA Medical Centers (VAMC) and their respective community-based outpatient clinics and the private healthcare system or health information exchange and be responsible for increasing and supporting the existing medical exchange partners through education, support and reporting on the status of the existing Exchange activities and issues, continued data analysis and validation, as well as the status of the related software applications used in the exchange process.


Core Duties:

VISN Coordinator

  • Provide communications support at each new and existing Exchange and Direct Community. The

  • Serve as the first line of contact with the appropriate VAMC, DoD Military Treating facility and private sector provider during implementation and sustainment of a new community

  • Participate in an estimated three (3) to six (6) conference call meetings per week with VHIE Health, VAMC and/ or private health care partners and provide meeting minutes to VA

  • Provide remote training via telephone or Skype, at each new and existing VAMC as outlined in the VAMC VHIE Health Implementation Guide using training materials created by the VHIE Health Program Office

  • Remotely attend weekly meetings with the VHIE Health Exchange Program Manager and Direct Program Manager and provide a community summary of previous-period Exchange and/or Direct activities including issues and risks that may impede the success of the new community.   

  • Monitor external efforts that may impact the VHIE Health Program and their corresponding communities, and communicate highlights and potential issues to VA in the weekly meetings.

  • Develop and update a Community Communication Plan for each Exchange and Direct community that summarizes ongoing communication implementation efforts. VA will provide the Contractor guidance and content for communication language. 

  • Update VHIE Health SharePoint site with all milestone documentation, meeting minutes, and other communications.

  • Communicate to health data exchange community (partner, VAMC and DoD, if appropriate) stakeholders mission, scope and timelines of eHealth Exchange and VHIE Health efforts

  • Assess the VAMC training needs of all application end-users through surveys and one-on-one interview sessions.

  • Train participants and stakeholders, at each new and existing VAMC applications include:

  • Joint Legacy Viewer (JLV)

  • Veterans Authorization Preferences (VAP)

  • VistA Web

  • Direct Web Portal

Data Analyst

  • Analyze and document, for the partner and VAMC, the business processes used for the release of patient information, patient identity management, information security, patient consent, and patient clinic visits

  • Assess the use of the VistAWeb1 application for Exchange communities and non-VA purchased care Direct communities

  • Provide VA a Medical Operations Process Flow Diagram of each community’s medical facility operations that shows the effects of incorporating Exchange and/or Direct services into the data exchange architectures and processes

  • Establish, manage and update, at each community, an Exchange Community Milestone Activity Report that is a compilation of weekly activity highlights that align with the goals of the VHIE Health implementation guide and Direct implementation guide provided by the VHIE Health Management Team

  • Tailor and implement a tactical plan for each Exchange and/or Direct community.  Each Community Tactical Plan shall include a completed Exchange and/or Direct operational plan, community current assessment, a description of how the coordinator plans to initiate the operational plan and a timeline for completion of full production status

  • Create and distribute a Quarterly VHIE Health Status Report for all 18 VISNs that includes performance statistics for Veteran authorizations on file, correlations, community profiles, clinical adoption, and Non-VA Partners

  • Create and distribute a Weekly VHIE Health Performance Statistics Report that includes Veteran opting out, correlated patients, inbound and outbound transactions from Non-VA Partner organizations

  • Conduct an assessment of the goals, approach, and operation of VHIE Health communities and document a Lessons Learned Report summarizing Contractor findings, lessons learned from “Community” engagements and PM comments. The Contractor shall apply lessons learned from previous communities that VA has implemented to accelerate the pace of HIE consistent with the eHealth Exchange and VHIE Health missions

Example of Reports:

  • Health Data Exchange Community Milestone Activity Report 

  • Health Data Exchange Community Tactical Plans 

  • Quarterly VHIE Health Status Report for all 18 VISNs 

  • Weekly VHIE Health Performance Statistics Report 

  • Lessons Learned Report 



  • Experience working in the Veterans Health Administration area

  • Proven working experience as a  Trainer

  • Excellent client-facing and internal communication skills

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Solid organizational skills including attention to detail and multitasking skills

  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office

  • Strong Analytical Background

  • Bachelor's Degree in appropriate field of study or equivalent work experience

Salary: Negotiable

Place of Performance: VISN 4 (PA)

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