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Making the Move to Multi-Factor Authentication

With more organizations working towards finding more effective and protective ways to secure their data, many find themselves opting for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to ensure that access to their systems and network is only given to authorized users.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

MFA is a process for granting access control to a user only after the user has provided at least two separate forms of evidence to prove their identity for authentication.

What forms of authentication are used?

There are three forms of authentication factors that can be utilized to prove one’s identity. They are:

  1. Knowledge Factors: These are factors requiring the user to provide secret knowledge to prove their identity. This is typically in the form of a password, passphrase, personal identification number (PIN), or answers to secret questions.

  2. Possession Factors: These are factors that the user and only the user has. Most modern possession factors are security tokens, such as a software token that generates unique passwords and auto-refreshes after a certain amount of time.

  3. Inherent Factors: These are factors that are considered permanent characteristics or attributes of the user. For instance, bio-metric methods of authentication, including fingerprint, voice, face or iris recognition, are typical forms of Inherent factors of authentication.

Why should I move to Multi-Factor Authentication?

Most forms of Single-Factor Authentication are knowledge factors, requiring a user to provide a username and password from their own personal knowledge. However, as technology grows more advanced and threats to security grow more eminent, it’s become increasingly clear that Single-Factor Authentication is a liability when it comes to protecting the security and integrity of an organization's assets. Single passwords can be easily compromised by potential adversaries. To guarantee the continued security of your information, it’s in your best interest to move towards MFA.


Need help setting up your organization for Multi-Factor Authentication? The Green Technology Group can help! Contact us for support about integrating MFA into your security protocol today.



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