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Fresh Faces: TGTG's First Internship Program and New Website Reveal

The Green Technology Group is off to a fresh start this summer. We are more than thrilled to take on our newest endeavor: TGTG's first ever Summer Internship Program.

For a decade now, TGTG has worked tirelessly to provide our clients with innovative IT solutions and technical expertise, building up our knowledge, repertoire and skills to become a successful small IT Solutions company operating out of the Greater Washington DC Area. Now we're setting our sights on passing our wisdom on to the newest generation entering the workforce.

We've welcomed two bright and talented interns into our family, Brandon Khuu as our Cybersecurity Analyst Intern and Kirsten San Nicolas as our Cybersecurity Technical Writer Intern.

In their first two weeks here, Brandon and Kirsten have worked hard to go above and beyond what is expected of their roles. "One of the challenges of a small company is gaining access to larger clientele and securing our reach to a broader audience. My first task was to improve TGTG's image and presence so that we can overcome these obstacles," Kirsten explained. "While the vagueness of this assignment was intimidating at first, I quickly learned that this was a blessing in disguise. Having the ability to propose my own improvements and the freedom to create with limited supervision allows me to be innovative and productive in ways only possible at a small company with a family environment. I feel like my work here is vital and valued."

Keeping with our "One Big Family" mentality, we encourage our interns to collaborate so they can learn from each other and produce quality work. "Even though I'm a cybersecurity analyst, I've been able to work on fun and creative projects like remodeling TGTG's website with Kirsten. That's what's so rewarding about working at a small company: I'm able to gain experience in areas outside of my position, like web design, Javascript, CSS and HTML," Brandon revealed when asked what excites him most about working at TGTG.

These two have been hard at work developing our new website and we're eager to finally unveil what they've been up to. Our new website features a complete redesign of the layout, new and updated content, cool interactive features, as well as a new blog page where we'll be giving you updates on our team, our interns, and tech industry news. Please feel free to explore and enjoy our new and improved site!


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